A Note From The Producer

For the past 30 years or so, Waffle House has been making music on their jukeboxes through their own record label, Waffle Records.

The idea to make Waffle House-inspired music first came from Waffle House co-founder Joe Rogers Sr.

I was asked to come on board in 1982 to help write and produce the songs with former wife singer-songwriter Mary Welch Rogers.

Together we collaborated on over 30 Waffle House songs. It was not an easy task as Joe wanted them to sound like real records and not commercials.

We would work through a list of ideas and themes which would then need to be approved by Joe.

Once a song made the cut it would be recorded and pressed on vinyl 45s, which would then make their way to the Waffle House jukeboxes.

There were however many Waffle House songs produced that did not make it to the jukebox. For various reasons they were put on hold or passed over and never released to the public…until now.

I thought Waffle House fans would enjoy hearing these lost songs that wereco-produced with my close friend and collaborator Danny Jones and I along with a host of talented people

If you like the Waffle House songs featured on the jukebox I think you’ll love hearing these never before released songs too!

Jerry Buckner